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This is one of the articles where I deal with some of the brilliant moments of political correctness, the political and cultural idiocy that keeps on giving.  This one occurred in the summer of 2005. 
In 1995, the U.S. postal service had a series of stamps based on American comic strips.
In 2005, The postal service of Mexico decided to release a series of stamps based on the same theme, beloved comic strip characters.    Those of us north of the border only heard of one of those series, comic book character Memín Pinguín.

Needless to say, many north of the border were offended and out raged.  Controversy flared especially among the political class.  Leaders of the NAACP, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, the National Council of La Raza and the National Urban League
Many Americans are familiar with the characters Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Reggie , all of whom were created in the early 1940's.

In the same vein, many Mexicans are familiar with the characters Memín, Carlangas, Ernestillo, and Riquillo also created in the early 1940's.
So as always, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton decided to move in to protest at the Mexican embassy.

Only to find that their race card was not going to be accepted and they have no White-guilt south of the border.  Instead of the stamps being pulled this happened:
“By Friday afternoon, people were bidding more than $125 on the Internet auction site eBay for the complete set of five stamps--each of which has a face value of 60 cents. Hundreds lined up at the capital's main post office to buy the stamps, and Mexicans snapped them up at such a rate that all 750,000 sold out.” (The Guardian, July 1, 2005) 
Fred Reed said "Let’s see. How many of those throwing fits had ever heard of Memin Penguin before this week? How many of them have seen a Memin Penguin comic book? (See below.) How many read Spanish? How many read English? Have been to Mexico? Have the foggiest idea what they are talking about? How many are not spoiled, puerile, self-admiring twits?  Just checking.
Blacks are not making themselves friends in this part of the world. (More correctly, American blacks are not. Hispanic blacks behave normally, speak Spanish instead of Hisbonics, and seem to be pretty good people.) The Mexican reaction, certainly as I find it among people I know, and in the media, is one of annoyance, or something stronger than annoyance."

"Just as Speedy Gonzalez has never been interpreted in a racial manner by the people in Mexico," embassy spokesman Rafael Laveaga said. ". . . He is a cartoon character. I am certain that this commemorative postage stamp is not intended to be interpreted on a racial basis in Mexico or anywhere else."

As for me, I don't care for I don't have a dog in this race, I just enjoy seeing the adherents of political correctness and "anti-racists" turn on each other.  As often happens, controversy and protests oftenlead to huge sales.
In 2005, Ted Turner decided to ban Speedy Gonzales because he thought it offended Mexicans (only the university trained La Razans were offended by Speedy) from the Cartoon Network, though it still played on Univision.  There was a back lash for so he lifted his Turner's assumption, ban.

 Memin was part of the Saturday morning line up
In 2008, there was a dust up at the Walmart stores over the Memín Pinguín comic book, Shawedria McGinty saw the comic at a Houston, Tx Walmart and complained to Quanell X, to avoid trouble, the major box store chain pulled the series to avoid trouble.  Many Mexicans were unhappy about that.

Personally, I think he would have done a better job than Obama.
Isn't multi-Culturalism just grand?  Even if every White vanished from the face of the Earth, there would still be racial and ethnic tension.   I don't buy the term "racist" or "racism", since tribalism is hard wired into the human brain. 
The "R" word is just used by the political class to guilt trip Whites into silence about their disenfranchisement, and attacks on their culture.   Any idealism not grounded in reality is doomed to failure at best and disaster at worst.
Multi-Culturalism has been promised to us like this way:
This is how it most likely will be:

For more information about Memín Pinguín and the creators of the series click here and here.


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