Saturday, January 13, 2018

Again From Flowers for Algernon

In this scene from the movie 'Charly' (about a retarded guy is made a genius by complicated brain surgery), he is being asked about things and what they are becoming.  At the 1:51 mark, he is asked about the younger generation, he describes them as 'joyless and guideless'.  That younger generation that is being described was the baby boom generation.  Coming from the tail end of that generation, I can say indeed, that is how we were joyless and guideless not to mention the following generations. 

The older generations were being misinformed and perplexed by the political class with its alleged experts and intellectuals along with a faulty education system that degrades with each passing year.   Just a thought.  Fun movie to watch really.



  1. How old are you Quartermain? I was born in 64, either a tail end boomer or leading edge Gen X depending on who defines the terms.

    My boomer parents drive me bonkers! They watch shite they see on day time TV and the mainstream media (we're talking about Orca Winfrey, The View, etc) .... And they think they're informed. When I tried to explain to them that only geriatrics take that crap seriously they get offended. They will vote for any politicians that promise more money for seniors and refuse to even think about where that money will come from and who will pay it.

  2. I was born in 61, and my parents were born during the Depression. Like me they were trying to make sense of the world which isn't easy. They're dead now, and I'm still trying to make sense of the world.

  3. I was born in 1952. My father served in WWII. My mother's family were millionaires who lost it all during the depression. They were all fairly conservative people who wouldn't believe the things that are happening now.

    We started the day in public school with the Lord's prayer and the pledge of allegiance; we got to take turns holding the flag during the recitation of the pledge. We had a few Catholic kids in school with us, and I remember that they weren't required to say the Lord's prayer with the rest of us.

    I read Flowers for Algernon around 1960 in a sci-fi anthology. It made quite an impression on me, so I read it several times. Human nature at its finest.

    I was a victim of public education, and the only reason I learned to read and write is because my mother and grandmother taught me. The only other thing I learned in public school was that I didn't want to go to prison, ever. Later on I discovered that our public school system was developed from the prison model. Teachers don't teach; they serve as prison guards.